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Bukkake Song Remix

24 Aug 2004
The very talented Tabazan has remixed the Bukkake Song. This rocks lots.

New Songs

August 2004
Battle Pants and Prisoner - Cell Block Bukkake. Also a Swedish chap called Peter's remix of the bukkake song. Funky.
And you really should listen to this: The Daily Mail Picnic, written by MissPrism.

Touchy Feely Spacktards Remix

29 July 2004
Another quality Tabazan remix. Dead funky. Touchy Feely Spacktards remix

This Is Not Your Blog Remix

Tabazan has remixed 'This is Not Your Blog' into an ambient dubby masterpiece. Download it here (6Mb)

New Songs

24 June 2004
More songs penned by MissPrism and recorded by me - I see a pattern emerging. This is not your blog, Hey Mr Tangerine Man (A tribute to Kilroy) and I'd Like to Build a Petting Zoo (parental advisory).

New Songs

22 May 2004
A bit of a long time between updates...a few things: MissPrism wrote a cracking song about Guantanamo Bay, which I gladly set to music; Feral created an anim about hedgehogs for which I sang the song he'd written; the B3ta radio show appearance created THIS version of the bukkake song, complete with dodgy tuning and MC Hammer interlude.

Radio Appearance

20 April 2004
A date for your diary (or at least mine): I've been invited to appear on B3ta radio on Friday 30th of April to sing two or three songs. 4pm - 5pm BST, 104.4 fm in London or on the web at

Touchy-feely Spacktards Animation

18 April 2004
Vorkamoore (an ungodly fusion of Vork and Supermoore) drank, shouted and belmed their way to this: The Touchy-feely Spacktards Film.

Bukkake Song update

16 April 2004
Rob Manuel's Bukkake Song video is in the B3ta newsletter! Woohoo!

New Song

31 March 2004
Sing along with the 4rthurian Hat Wanking Song.