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A new kind of superhero

Mr Richard Tingley is doing a series of animations called "Tingley Time". Tingley Time 7 features a rather unique superhero. Duck With Breasts. DWB theme tune by me.

Well, it's that time of year again

and the very talented Mr Richard Tingley has written a lovely festive ditty to remind us all of the true meaning of Christmas. Stuff For Christmas. I wrote and recorded the music, RT sang his little heart out. Enjoy, and have a happy one yerself.

Watch Beau Bo D'Or's vid

Beau Bo D'Or made a little video showing exactly how Lloyds-TSB are there "for the journey". I quickly twiddled with the audio to fit the visuals... to give version 2. Beau very kindly added a plug for my business to the video. Top bloke.

Born Cheap

What happens when you take a toy keyboard, rescued from a skip, and plug it into a stack of effects? Well, the first thing was picking up a radio broadcast. It just sort of blossomed from there.
Born Cheap.
Noises, chunks of dreadful MIDI and what-have-you. Enjoy!

Whistling is Real Fun

Fred Lowery remixed.
Real Fun
Big Beat-ish take on the 1940s whistling tuition scene. Take a big, deep breath like this...

Let There Be Man

The Gospel According to St. Angus the Young
Let There Be Man - A wee poke at Young Earth Creationists. Darwin straps on his cherry-red SG and duck-walks into history.
Lyrics here.

It's the End of the Health Service, Hewitt

(and you feel fine).
Clement Attlee's grave has become a major source of renewable power, thanks to the dynamo-inducing efforts of Patsy Hewitt and her DoH cohorts. And we know a song about that. It's the End of the Health Service, Hewitt. A sing-along song sheet is available HERE - take a deep breath...

Baloney M(MC)

More stuff about MMC, this time to a funky disco backbeat. Yeah.
Created under my new alter-ego, "Mr Beige" on Dr Rant, and charting the downs and downs of a shafted junior doctor, it's Baloney M(MC)

A couple of songs for Patricia Hewitt

The Department of Health has decided that the best way to provide more trained doctors in UK hospitals is to, er, reduce the number of doctors in training. I can't quite work out the arithmetic there, so in my confusion I did a couple of songs instead. Study for Nothing, and Big Yellow Tax Money Pissed Down The Drain. Enjoy! And please SIGN THE PETITION to get rid of Patsy. Ta!

One Heartbeat

A song and video for Valentine's Day. Features furniture sex.
MP3 here
Flash animation here
Lyrics here.